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About Us

Hello there! We are Steve and Erika Puvalowski, based out of East Tawas, Michigan from May to November, and snowbird from January to April. We moved into our RV after selling our business in December 2019 while figuring out our next steps. We started a YouTube channel in 2020 which features videos to help RVers navigate the RV lifestyle and do-it-yourself repairs. We really enjoy making the educational videos and helping RVers understand why they are experiencing issues and how to solve them. 

After moving into our RV, we learned a lot about the RV industry and how getting an RV fixed or serviced is a huge pain point for many. When you must cancel a long-awaited vacation because you don’t have AC, the hot water stopped working or your slide out is broken, that is enough to take all the enjoyment out of camping. Owning an RV should be fun and allow you to make family memories, not resent your RV. We knew we had the knowledge, expertise and skill set the RV industry needs and starting a mobile RV tech business where we can help other RVers, just felt right.

Meet Steve & Erika

Steve is into fixing stuff that is broken, figuring out mechanical issues and operating heavy equipment. He grew up working in his family business, climbing cell towers, and installing cable tv in households throughout the thumb region of Michigan. His father started racing cars and he and his brothers followed suit. At age 24, he decided to tackle the huge task of renovating an abandoned racetrack, bringing it back to life and turned it into a thriving business once he met Erika. 

Erika grew up working two jobs throughout high school and served in the Army Reserves as a truck driver, deploying to Iraq in 2005. She has a passion for business and pursued a degree in marketing/business. She excels at organization, simplifying processes and enjoys teaching people how to overcome their issues through creating engaging content.

On their days off, you can find Steve and Erika on their SXS riding the trails, walking several miles, or recording some type of educational video.

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“Our mission is to provide RVers with the expertise and education needed to continue RVing when the unexpected occurs.”

Our Values

Be an excellent communicator
We are transparent with our processes and clearly communicate expectations.

Customer first
We believe everyone’s time is valuable. We provide a fast follow-up, address your concerns and work efficiently.

Do the right thing
We are honest and have integrity in the work we do and take responsibility for our actions, even when no one is watching.

Education driven
Continually learning, growing, and sharing knowledge with others so they can do the same. We take every opportunity to teach customers the root cause of an issue and how to prevent it from happening again.

High standards
We go above and beyond to discover the cause of the issue to make sure the job is done properly and in a better condition than the way we found it. We take pride in doing what we promise and are open and honest about our abilities and limitations.

Remembering your why
Waiting on repairs is not what drew you to the RV lifestyle. We want to help you keep your adventurous dream alive and focus on making memories.

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