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Outside Coverage

Service Area Campgrounds

If you are located outside our Michigan service area and have the flexibility to relocate your RV, you can book a campground within our service area, which includes Alcona, Arenac, Iosco and Ogemaw counties. Before making your reservation, please contact us at (989) 820-7373 to schedule an appointment and ensure that we can service your RV within the same time frame. To reduce mileage fees, we suggest booking a campground within our Immediate or Main Service Area. Please note, we do not have a location to drop off your RV.

Other RV Service Providers

If you are unable to relocate your RV to our service area, these are additional business options that may be able to help you in or around your location.

Nationwide Locators

Certified RV Technicians

Use the National Technician Locator to search for a certified RVTAA Technician near you. 


Certified RV Inspectors

Use the National Inspector Locator to search for a certified NRVIA Inspector near you. 


Local RV Technicians

Here is a list of other RV technicians whom we have heard of. Please contact them to inquire about their availability, service area, and services offered. We have not vetted them and are unsure of their qualifications or the training they have received. Please note that their business and contact information could be outdated.

Local RV Dealers

When you're facing an emergency, finding stocked parts can sometimes be very challenging. These are the RV dealers arranged in order of proximity to our location. Feel free to contact them to inquire about the availability of the parts you need to repair your RV.

RV Services

Here is a list of other individuals and businesses that offer services which we do not provide and are frequently requested by RVers. We have not personally evaluated these providers and their contact information may not be up to date. To gather more details about their availability and service area, we recommend reaching out to them directly.

  • RV Road Transportation - Randy's Towing; East Tawas, MI (989) 739-5373

  • RV Washing - Bert & Sons Camper Wash & Wax (989) 359-2002 / (989) 254-4841

  • RV Washing - Boylen Mobile Wash (989) 218-1002

  • RV Washing - Healey's RV Washing & Maintenance; Lupton, MI (989) 306-4004

  • RV Washing - JCM Detail on Wheels; Tawas City, MI (989) 254-7368

  • RV Washing & RV Rentals - Mid Michigan RV Retail LLC; (989) 310-3110

  • RV Washing - Ralph Koehn; South Branch, MI (989) 284-1362

  • Tires - Moran Mobile Tire Service; Tawas City, MI (989) 254-9872

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