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  • Will you install parts I have purchased?
    Absolutely! We can install any parts you have purchased yourself, ones covered under warranty, as well as the parts we offer. If you have everything needed to fix your RV, just let us know the parts you have and we'll be happy to use them, provided they are the right ones for the job.
  • Do you do warranty work?
    Contact us to check if we can handle your RV's warranty work. Warranty work can vary significantly depending on the manufacturer or warranty company. As we are certified, most warranty companies authorize our company to perform RV repairs covered under their policies.
  • Are there RV services you do not offer?
    Our insurance policy is only available to certified RV technicians and certified RV inspectors with mobile businesses. Since we are a mobile business, we are not insured to perform work that needs to be done by a certified automotive shop. Our policy excludes us from working on motorized RV drivetrains (motors & brakes) and performing towing services. We are insured to work on trailer brakes and suspension.
  • Do you do structural work like replacing RV walls or a roof?
    We do not work on structural components of the RV replacing walls, flooring or a roof. We diagnose and troubleshoot components and appliances, then repair or replace what is broken. We perform routine maintenance to extend the life of your RV so structural issues don't occur from water damage.
  • Do you have an indoor shop to do RV repairs and maintenance?
    No. We are 100% mobile and do not perform RV repair and maintenance work that needs to be completed inside a building. We do not have a location for you to drop your RV off to be worked on. If you are located outside our Michigan service area and have the flexibility to relocate your RV, you can book an RV Park or campground within our service area where we can service your RV.
  • Do you transport RVs?
    No. Our insurance does not cover us transporting RVs.
  • What is the different between an RV Tech and a Certified RV Tech?
    RV Tech is a job description. Anyone can hold this position or start a company offering RV Tech services. When it comes to formal training, there are a few different levels of qualifications for the National RV Training Academy.
  • What RV qualifications/specialties do you have?
    Steve took 346 hours of training through the National RV Training Academy, in Athens, Texas and is a Certified RV Technician through the NRTAA and Certified RV Inspector through the NRVIA. He also took advanced training and specializes in generators, solar and propane systems. To maintain his certifications through the RVTAA and RVTIA, he must take 24 hours of continuing education credits (CEU) per year.
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