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Our 4 RV Inspection Packages: Customized for Your Peace of Mind

Updated: Apr 4

We understand the frustrations that can come with buying, selling, and owning an RV, and we're here to help. Offering four RV inspection packages customized to meet your needs, we are dedicated to serving the RVing community. With a commitment to excellence, we provide a diverse range of RV inspections tailored to meet your unique requirements. As a certified NRVIA RV Inspector and RVTAA RV Technician, we take pride in delivering top-notch services you can trust.

Pre-Purchase RV Inspection:

When it comes to buying an RV, our Pre-Purchase NRVIA Premier Inspection is the gold standard. Whether you're considering a brand-new model or a previously owned one, this comprehensive examination covers over 500 checkpoints. By delving into every aspect of the RV, inside and out, top to bottom, we provide you with a detailed report featuring 80-100 photos. Armed with this knowledge, you can negotiate the price or address any necessary repairs before finalizing the purchase.

Watch this video to learn what you can expect when you choose Mobile RV Tech Services to perform your pre-purchase inspection. We walk you through the process and answer frequently asked questions from customers.

"I wish I had known I could hire a third-party inspector before purchasing my brand new RV. During my first camping trip, I discovered a laundry list of serious issues, and I've been going back and forth with the manufacturer for months trying to get them fixed. Paying for an inspection and having the issues resolved before purchasing my RV would have been well worth my time and money." - Mike, Michigan

Safety RV Inspection:

Our Safety RV Inspection is essentially a safety checkup designed for RV owners who want to ensure that their RVs primary systems and components are working optimally, and that it is safe for road travel. This inspection is commonly sought by RV owners who feel uneasy about using their vehicles due to past issues or prolonged periods of inactivity.

Maintenance RV Inspection:

Proper maintenance is crucial for the longevity of your RV. Our Maintenance RV Inspection helps you understand the overall condition of your RV and identifies any neglected equipment requiring attention. This inspection is often requested during routine maintenance or when multiple concerns arise.

For an all-encompassing examination, you can pair the safety and maintenance inspections, ensuring both aspects of your RV are thoroughly examined. This is commonly done among RV owners preparing to sell their camper. It allows them to address any known issues, ensuring that their RV is in optimal condition for the sale.

Insurance RV Inspection:

We collaborate with insurance companies to provide professional on-site evaluation reports, streamlining the claim process for your RV repair. Our thorough assessments offer accurate evaluations promptly, and we work closely with your insurance company to address any additional inquiries, ensuring a smooth and efficient resolution.

RV Inspection Follow-Up:

After your RV inspection, you will receive a detailed report outlining our findings and recommendations.

  • Click here to view an example of a Pre-Purchase RV Inspection report.

  • Click here to view an example of a Safety and/or Maintenance RV Inspection report.

Michigan Service Area

Map of Michigan Service Area
Michigan County Service Area Map

Based out of East Tawas, Michigan, we specializes in onsite RV repair, maintenance, and inspections. We service your RV at your house, campground or storage unit in Alcona, Arenac, Iosco, and Ogemaw counties from April 15 to December 15.

However, when the chilly weather sets in, we become snowbirds and head to Houston, Texas.

Texas Service Area

Map of Houston, Texas Service Area
Houston, Texas Service Area Map

Located in Houston, Texas from January 1 to April 1, we service Alvin, Bacliff, Danbury, Friendswood, HitchCock, League City, Liverpool, Manvel, Pearland, Sante Fe and surrounding communities of Houston.

No matter what state we are servicing, we do travel up to two hours from our location to perform Pre-Purchase NRVIA Premier RV Inspections at RV dealerships and for private sales. It's best to plan your inspection ahead and schedule it 1-2 weeks in advance. Learn more about our RV inspection services on our website at


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