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RV Maintenance 101: Group RV Class

Updated: Apr 4

Essential Knowledge Every RV Owner Needs to Know

Learn how to maintain critical components in your RV, including water damage prevention, flushing water heaters, replacing anode rods, sanitizing the freshwater system, maintaining tires and wheel bearings, detecting gas leaks, preventing fire hazards, and cleaning air conditioners. Gain the skills and confidence to troubleshoot and repair basic issues, saving you time and money.

This article is an additional resource for our RV Maintenance 101 class, which we offer to RV parks and campgrounds. This article is designed to complement the class handouts, and it features direct links to the videos and products mentioned during the session. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at or by calling (989) 820-7373. We are always happy to answer your RV questions.


Download the most recent copy of the class handout for your reference.

RV Maintenance 101 Class Handout
Download PDF • 542KB

RV Maintenance Video

The video walks you step-by-step through the maintenance items that we perform on our RV for living in it full time. The video's description is packed with helpful resources, including a downloadable Excel maintenance list that can be customized with items specific to your RV.

Additional Links


Anode Rods

Flushing RV Water Heater

Tires & Wheel Bearings

Fire & Gas Leaks

Cleaning Air Conditioners

Helpful Resources

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