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The Inside Scoop: National RV Training Academy's Expectations vs. Reality

Updated: Mar 8

Q: Now that you went through the Advanced RV Service Technician program at the National RV Training Academy, how did your initial expectation differ from the actual training you received?

A: For starters, I knew a lot about RVs and thought I could fix almost anything by looking it up, and I was doing well at this method. After attending this program, Steve of today would run circles around Steve of 5 weeks ago, there’s no contest.

When I signed up for school, I was really looking forward to having the opportunity to work on all different types of appliances. What I didn’t realize was the high degree of knowledge I’d gain from the hands on training and the value it added to my skill set. I’m a mechanical guy and want to know how things are made and how they work. The hands on training was far superior than anything I thought I would be doing from seeing the pictures and videos the NRVTA posted.

Something I never thought of, and now realize is a huge benefit, is the network I built with my cohort and teachers.

I can bounce ideas and talk through weird troubleshooting problems with other trained techs to quickly resolve issues which better serves my customers.

Now that I know the high level of standards and training a certified RV tech goes through, I’d have a hard time referring a customer to anyone who didn’t attend the NRVTA RV Tech program. The skills and knowledge I received in 5 weeks, would have taken me years to acquire learning it on my own in the field. This is not an efficient way to serve your customer’s needs or their wallet.

RVTAA Certified RV Technician

NRVIA Certified RV Inspector


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